10 Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Tidy

You spend a lot of time in your vehicle, it's important to keep it tidy! Here are ten tips you can use every day to keep your car clean.

1. Trash Can

Always keep a trashcan in the car so you don’t have to gather up trash later. Whether it’s a plastic bag or a travel trash container, there will be a designated place for it to go so it’s not spread throughout the car. Just don’t forget to take it out when it’s full!

2. Cup Holder Liner

Drips and dribbles can make your cup holders sticky. You can buy a liner for your cup holders or use silicone cupcake liners to prevent the liquid from reaching your car. Then you can just take them out to clean!

3. Air Freshener

An underrated way to keep your car feeling fresh and clean is to use an air freshener. You don’t have to dangle one from your rearview mirror; a lot of companies make air fresheners that can attach to your vents so the air coming out smells good!

4. Wet Wipes

When a spill happens, you might need something better than fast food napkins to clean up the mess. Keeping a package of wet wipes or Clorox wipes in your car is an easy way to clean on the go.

5. Knock Your Shoes Clean

If the mess doesn’t come inside your car, you won’t have to clean it! Try to get any mud, dirt, or snow off of your shoes before climbing in.

6. Something In, Something Out

Instead of letting your belongings pile up in the back seat, just grab something every time you get home. That way you won’t end up with a mountain of stuff to carry in when you finally decide to clean. Remember to try to take in what you brought with you that day and don’t forget to look under your seats!

7. Use Organized

There are organizers made for the back of the front seats that can be used to store travel games and activities, plus they keep your kids from kicking the back of the seat. You can also make your own using a shoe organizer. For the front seat, you can find dividers with compartments for your center console.

8. Keep Loose Change Organized

It seems like you can always find change on the floor or between the seats of cars. If your car doesn’t have a change organizer, keep it all contained in a sealable container to keep it from rolling around everywhere. Then it will also be a lot easier to find your quarters when it’s time for a car wash!

9. Clean Up Messes Right When They Happen

The longer you wait to clean up a spill, the harder it will be to clean up later. By taking a minute to clean up a mess right when it happens, you could save yourself from a permanent stain.

10. Keep Food Contained

Of course the easiest way to keep your car clean would be to not eat in it at all. If you have to eat in your car, try to bring it in a container that can catch crumbs. This will save you a lot of time trying to clean later. And if the container is sealable, then it prevents your trash from ending up on the floor.

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Be Prepared for Winter Driving

Image result for winter driving
It's that time of year-the time of unpredictable weather patterns! Here are a few items that we suggest keeping in your vehicle should an emergency arise.
1. Jumper Cables/Battery Charger
2. First Aid Kit
3. Flashlight
4. Multi-Tool Kit
5. Road Flares
6. Hand Warmers & Blankets
7. Shovel
8. Ice Scraper
9. Battery Operated Phone Charger
10. Food & Drink
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Advice for Car Buyers with Poor Credit

While having bad credit is a problem and can narrow your financing options, it doesn’t have to stand in your way of purchasing a car. If you are one of the millions of Americans with less than perfect credit, you could be wondering what it will take for you to purchase a used car and if you’ll ever be able to finance the purchase

The good news is, there are many lenders out there who finance bad credit and want your business. Many lenders, have various kinds of bad credit auto loans that can get you into a new ride despite your current financial situation. In addition, there are many types of things you can do make it easier on yourself as well. The following suggestions below are top pieces of advice for used car shoppers who have challenged or bad credit. These suggestions are actually based on real experiences of people with bad credit who worked closely with us over the past years. We have been offering challenged credit customers options for several years and you might just be our next customer. Hopefully, these pieces of advice help make the process easier on you so you don’t wind up making big mistakes that could have ultimately been avoided.

Do What You Can to Put Down a Large Down Payment

This may be easier said than done especially if you are already struggling to pay your bills. But in the long run you will end up paying lower payments on your loan. Some used car loans for customers with bad credit can have extremely high interest rates so the more you can put down initially, the better off you’ll be. We do, however, understand that saving money is hard, no doubt about it. Whether you have a family and kids, are paying back your college loans, or simply don’t have that high paying dream job, there is always a reason why saving money can be very difficult. That said, if you can find little ways to save some money each week, you’ll quickly have enough to make a substantial down payment on the car you want, which means you’ll need to finance less of the total price. Your payments will be less and you’ll be more likely to start saving more money because your payments will be within your budget each month.

When Shopping for a Used Car, Look At Ones You Can Easily Afford

While it can be incredibly tempting to check out the latest sports car or luxury model on the lot, you must resist the temptation to fall in love with a car that’s going to cost you more than you can afford. By taking a long hard look at your monthly budget and figuring out what kind of payment will actually work for you given all your other commitments, you’ll easily be able to find a used car that fits your budget and needs. If you visit a dealership that tries to pressure you into looking at cars out of your price range, walk away.

Do What You Can to Improve Your Credit Score

It’s up to you now. You know your credit score isn’t great, so if you want it to get any better you need to do whatever you can to start making it healthy again. One of the ways to do this is by simply making every bill payment on time, every time, even if it hurts! Every late payment is just another ding on your credit history that lowers your score further. If your credit is in really bad shape, try to at least pay something on each account every month by the due date to show you’re making an attempt to improve things. And don’t forget to factor in the cost of maintenance into your budget, because every car needs to be properly maintained if it’s going to last. When you already have bad credit, the worst thing you can do is wind up with a car you can’t afford and end up having it repossessed.

Buy a Reliable Used Car That Will Stand Up Well Over Time

In the long run, you’ll be much better off if you focus on used cars that are reliable, don’t have too many miles on them, and are known for having lower overall maintenance and repair costs. You can easily do some Internet research at any of the big car sites such as Edmunds to find out which cars do the best over time. You can also stop by Swanson's Cars & Trucks (West of Warsaw on US 30, Near Atwood) and talk to us – we know used cars like no one else and would be happy to advise you about which cars are the best.

Purchase a Service Contract and GAP Insurance if it Makes Sense

One things we’ve seen happen is this: A person with bad credit gets a used car, but then gets hit with a major repair bill they simply can’t afford. The car is repossessed and the customer is back at square one. This is when it might make a lot of sense to protect your purchase with a service contract and/or GAP insurance, so you’re covered when something unexpected happens.

Even if your credit is challenged, there are plenty of lenders out there who will compete with each other to give you a bad credit car loan. At Swanson's Cars & Trucks, we have a network of banks that includes some of the top auto lenders in the industry. We can and will help! If you are ready to apply, please submit a quick application on by clicking the following link: https://www.usedcarswarsaw.com/creditapp.aspx?

Feel free to contact us directly at (574) 527-2225 with any questions or stop by 2209 N 650 W, Warsaw!

*Content provided by https://www.goautocity.com

Top 5 Advantages of Buying Pre-Owned

Many people find that perusing used car dealers allows them a great deal more options at a far more reasonable price. It can be difficult to feel comfortable owning a car that you aren’t clear on the entire history of. For people who want to feel as safe as possible and as secure as possible in their cars, buying a used car can seem like a risky decision. However, used cars are becoming more reliable than ever before, and your ideal car can be found at used car dealers near you.

This article will seek to change some of the misconceptions that surround used car dealers by presenting a brief list of advantages to shopping at a used car dealer instead of choosing to buy a brand new car.

#1. You’ll Pay Less Money

This is one of the more obvious benefits of buying vehicles from used car dealers, but it is, after all, a key factor. Saving money can is critical for many families and individuals across the country. And, hey, you let someone else absorb the depreciation.


#2. You Can Get a Bigger Car – Or One That Has More Special Features

This is because buying a used car allows you to allocate more money for a little something special, such as additional cargo or truck bed space as well as more premium features, like premium safety features or even premium technology features, that will make your life on the road a little easier. Vehicles available at your local used car dealer like McCluskey Auto can be found in a variety of trim levels and packages, making it easier for you to find all the features you’re looking for.


#3. You Can Ask Whatever Questions You May Have

Going to used car dealers in person allows you to ask whatever questions you might have about the vehicles and features you’re looking for. If you buy through a private seller, such as directly from the current owner of the car, you are likely not to have the resource of an excellent and knowledgeable salesperson. However, at a used car dealer, you will, and this will make all of the difference in soothing your concerns about buying a used car, especially if you are buying a used car for the very first time.


#4. There is a Wider Selection of Vehicles Available at Used Car Dealers

For instance, used cars are not only sold at used car dealers but through regular car dealerships as well. Though it is true that the majority of the typical dealership will be taken up with the new cars that they have in stock, the majority of all dealerships have some sections dedicated to used cars. Though you might have to go to a number of dealerships in order to find the perfect one, it is certainly out there.

#5. You Can Easily Obtain a Vehicle History Report

If you are considering buying a car that has been previously owned, access to the vehicle history report for that car is nothing if not crucial. The vehicle history report will help to detail the entire history of the vehicle, much as the name suggests, from any repairs that have been conducted to any accidents that the car has been involved in. Regular maintenance is also recorded, so you can see how often the car was serviced and how well it was maintained. When buying through a private seller such as the current owner of the vehicle, it is key to know that the vehicle history report will be harder to get ahold of, though of course, it is still possible.


Choose Swanson's Cars & Trucks as Your Used Car Dealer!

There are many advantages to buying pre-owned; these range from price to quality to education, and at Swanson's Cars and Trucks, we are happy to provide these benefits and more. Our knowledgeable customer service and sales staff are happy to answer any questions that you may have and guide you through our used car inventory. Once you’ve chosen your vehicle, our expert finance team will set you up with the financing you need. Even after your used car purchase, we’ll be there for you from regular maintenance to any necessary repairs. So, come on into Swanson's Cars & Trucks, your local used car dealer, today, and we’ll help get started with your next used car purchase!

Your Guide to Dashboard Lights

*Content Courtesy of Capital Ford.

Everyone knows that sinking feeling when you’re driving around and that little light pops up on your dashboard. That dreaded small engine or some other thing that looks like a squiggle. But what do they mean? Are they really that important? We’re here to keep you calm and explain some of the most common dashboard lights and if it’s necessary to take action!

What Do They All Mean?

Let's keep this simple because there are so many different signs that could appear on your dashboard. We’re going to break down a few warning symbols and safety symbols. Some of these indicators are to be taken lightly and others are there to tell you there’s a problem. So how can you know the difference? Usually by the colour. If something is red and blinking at you, it should be a generic sign to tell you to pull over. This would be a good time to check your owner’s manual or call someone for service help. Often times, there are yellow or blue lights on our dashboards. These could be warning signs, maintenance reminders, or something as simple as the cruise control indicator.

Warning Symbols

Warning symbols are often in red but can differ from vehicle to vehicle. They mean that there could be a potential problem with your vehicle and you should get it looked at by a professional as soon as possible. Don’t ever ignore a light on in your car and not ask someone what it is. This could lead to more problems in the future and will most likely end up costing you more money in the end. So let’s get into the lights:

Temperature Warning Light

This means your vehicle’s coolant is overheating. You should pull over and let your vehicle cool down or you could overheat your engine and cause serious problems! This symbol can also appear in blue which means your coolant is below a temperature that would allow your vehicle to perform normally. If you see it in blue, you should also pull over and give your car a few minutes to warm up before you continue.

Oil Pressure Warning Light

This is a tricky one. It’s a rather common symbol but it could mean a few different things. One, your engine may have lost normal oil pressure. Two, it could be something straightforward like your oil is too low. Third, it could be an indication of serious engine problems. The annoying part is: you just don’t know. Your best bet is to pull over and call someone for assistance.

Battery Charge Warning

 Ah, the dreaded battery light. Everyone knows what a battery looks like! If you see this symbol, it means your battery is dead, or the charge is low. You should still pull over if it appears on your dash and turn everything on your vehicle off. This includes stereo, heating or AC, any other accessories, etc. However, do not turn the vehicle itself off, as you don’t know if it will start again before you can get it to a shop.

Safety Symbols

Safety symbols often appear in different colours on your dashboard, but they are also just as important as warning signs. They’re exactly what they sound like. They appear to keep you and your vehicle as safe as possible. So if you see one of these symbols pop up, your best bet is to take it seriously and take action as needed.

Engine Warning

 Pretty much anything to do with your engine can be very serious and it should never be ignored at all costs. If you see a small engine light, no matter what colour because it can differ from vehicle to vehicle, pull over immediately and book an appointment to have your vehicle checked. An engine light coming on could be anything from a faulty sensor giving you an inaccurate reading, or something actually seriously wrong.

Tire Pressure Warning

 This little symbol may not be as obvious as some of the others. The punctuation mark means one, or more, of your tires are low on air. We’re not sure why they didn’t make it look more like a tire, but we’re not here to discuss that. If you see this light, head to your nearest gas station and check your tires. While you’re there, you may as well check all four tires and fill accordingly. Thankfully, this is not one of the more serious lights to appear, but if you ignore this one for too long, your tires will wear unevenly or one could pop if driving at high speeds.

Traction Control Symbol

 This symbol means your vehicle is losing control and is most likely slipping on ice or rainwater. It should only appear for a few seconds or until you coach your vehicle back to controlled driving. However, if it stays on, you may have something to worry about. This one could mean a problem with the traction control system in which case you should visit a mechanic.

Don’t Ignore the Signs

It usually isn’t a good feeling when a symbol pops up on your dashboard, but it’s unavoidable. Vehicles go through a lot and sometimes they need some maintenance. Other times, the symbols they flash at us are just trying to keep us safe on the roads. Whatever the case may be, make sure you take all indicator lights seriously. We all know someone who drives around with the check engine light on because “it’s always there. It’s just a sensor.” But this can be very dangerous and could be detrimental to your vehicle. Don’t ignore a light on your dashboard and seek help when necessary! If you ever have any questions or want someone to take a look at your vehicle, don’t hesitate to Swanson's Cars & Trucks Service Center, located at 2209 N 650 W, Warsaw (West of Warsaw, near Atwood).  

Benefits of Buying Pre-Owned

Benefits of Buying Pre-Owned vs. New

Should you buy a new car or a used car? That is the question. It’s an age old dilemma that every car buyer has to face, and neither answer is right or wrong. It all depends on your wants, needs, budget, and appetite for risk.



Today, let’s take a look at some of the advantages of purchasing a Pre-Owned Vehicle:

  • Huge Savings! You don’t absorb the (rather quick) costly depreciation.
    • Sometimes as much as 20+% the moment you drive off the lot & as much as 30% by the end of the first year.
    • Once you understand how car depreciation sucks money directly out of your pocket, you can save boatloads of cash over your lifetime.
  •  Reliability. Vehicles are more dependable now than they’ve ever been.
    • All vehicles require maintenance such as oil changes, tires and tire rotations, brakes, etc. However, vehicles are also delivering in excess of 150+k miles before needing considerable repairs.
  • Warranties. There are stellar warranty options that serve to protect you when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.
    • Special warranty programs in place that cover all major costs/repairs up to four years with unlimited miles (for pennies on the dollar!).
  • Lower Insurance Rates. When a car is worth less, it costs less to insure when you’re buying collision and comprehensive coverage.
  • Benefits of Safety & Technology Features:
    • You will still get all of the latest and greatest safety & technology resources when purchasing a vehicle that is a couple of years old, and without the hefty upfront costs.
  • Registry Renewals are Less Expensive on a Pre-Owned Vehicle.
    • The cost of renewing a vehicle goes down every year, this is another way that you will continue to save money by buying pre-owned.

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Depreciation is the silent killer to your automotive budget. Unless you plan to drive the wheels off of the car, don’t care about trade in value, or depreciation–buying pre-owned is likely the best option.

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Swanson's Cars & Trucks Pickup Truck Buyer's Guide

Please view Swanson's Cars & Trucks Pickup Truck Buyer's Guide
Content Provided by KBB.com

Business or pleasure? Yes.

For building a country or towing a boat, nothing beats a full-size truck. Even as they grow increasingly capable in all their roles, trucks are also getting more comfortable, more efficient and more enjoyable to drive.

And while the 2018 model year brought its share of upgrades, the 2019 model year is going to be a big one. The 2019 Chevrolet Silverado and 2019 Ram 1500 were recently revealed to the world at the Detroit Auto Show, each of them significantly and impressively redesigned. (The 2019 Ford Ranger also debuted in Detroit, marking Ford's return to the midsize truck segment.)

As for all the trucks you can buy today, we've driven every one of them. So which ones do we recommend? That depends on your individual needs, wants and preferences, but everything required to make the right decision is here at your fingertips.

Here are your six light-duty full-size truck options today, followed by a comprehensive guide to the segment overall.

In alphabetical order:

2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
Starting Price: $29,580
America's second-best-selling vehicle gets ready for a full redesign.

2018 Ford F-150
Starting Price: $29,100
The best-selling vehicle in the country for more than 30 years is also our Pickup Truck Best Buy for 2018.

2018 GMC Sierra 1500
Starting Price: $30,000
Meet the Chevy Silverado's equally capable but slightly more upscale cousin.

2018 Nissan Titan
Starting Price: $31,325
Completely redesigned last year, the new Titan lineup is tough, capable and more competitive than ever.

2018 Ram 1500
Starting Price: $28,490
Nothing gets the job done in comfort like the smooth-riding Ram 1500.

2018 Toyota Tundra
Starting Price: $32,415
Year after year, the Tundra keeps earning more respect in full-size truck circles.

Source: KBB.com (January 9, 2018)

Swanson's Cars & Trucks 2018 Sedan Buyer's Guide

Swanson's Cars & Trucks 2018 Sedan Buyer's Guide
Content Provided by AutoGuide.com

Sedans are still popular cars despite being overshadowed by crossovers. They’re practical, family friendly, comfortable and safe. They’re the jack of all trades of the industry, and it is easy to see why. Recently, sedans have put more of an emphasis on safety and efficiency, and some have even started to spice things up with sporty driving dynamics.

What's New in Sedans for 2018?

The 2018 Toyota Camry has been totally overhauled with a crazy new look, more technology, and standard Safety Sense driver assistance features. Although it’s still the reliable and affordable family sedan people know and love, it has much better driving dynamics than before.

An all-new Toyota Avalon will also be available soon. It rides on the same new platform as the Camry and will be available with a V6 and Hybrid powertrain. The Avalon will be the first Toyota to offer Apple CarPlay and an adaptive suspension. This is the most Lexus-like Toyota in the lineup and will be luxurious and comfortable as always, but has a new focus on performance.

The 2018 Honda Accord is all new and is probably one of the best family sedans you can buy. This popular family sedan really is the whole package: It has all the tech and features you want, two great engine options, fantastic driving dynamics, a comfortable and user-friendly interior, and excellent practicality.

The Hyundai Sonata has been refreshed for 2018 with a revised look inside and out, more equipment and a few powertrain tweaks.

The 2018 Kia Stinger is an all-new grand touring sedan offering from the Korean brand, and it’s so impressive that it was named as AutoGuide.com‘s 2018 Car of the Year. This sportback sedan is available with two engines (a base turbo four and a more exciting twin-turbo V6) and can be had with rear or all-wheel drive. Think of it as a budget Audi A5 Sportback — it’s that good.

In a similar vein, the 2018 Genesis G70 is an interesting new luxury sport sedan for Hyundai’s premium brand. As Genesis’s answer to the BMW 3 Series, it has a luxurious interior and excellent driving dynamics.

Another sportback sedan that’s new on the market is the 2018 Buick Regal Sportback, which is practical and offers satisfying performance. The Acura RLX has also arrived as a respectable luxury sedan pick.

The 2018 Subaru Impreza is also here with a new look, better driving dynamics, and a much-improved interior. The all-new 2018 Volkswagen Jetta will also arrive soon with new looks and more tech, while the Kia Forte has just debuted with a stylish new design and a CVT for the first time.

The 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia is an interesting new choice in the luxury sedan segment with pure driving dynamics and a sexy design.

Source: AutoGuide.com (2018)

20 Essential Car Maintenance Tips

Swanson's Cars & Trucks 20 Essential Car Maintenance Tips
Content Provided by CarBibles.com

The modern automobile is no longer just a piece of luxury that only individuals of stature can have the bragging rights of owning. Almost everyone, every family, has a vehicle to call their own. For many, it has become an important extension of their house. Some have even decided to forego with the whole house ownership idea and instead opt for a mobile home, giving them the freedom to ‘live’ wherever their vehicles take them. For many, it’s an important part of business, providing mobility when public transportation simply isn’t the best choice.

For others, it’s the best way to enjoy the many beautiful sights and experiences the world has to offer.  Whatever the reason, the vehicle is here to stay and will continue to be a very important part of man’s evolutionary development. That is why it is imperative to keep your car in tip-top shape so you’ll get to enjoy all the benefits that you derive from it.

We have prepared a very comprehensive car maintenance checklist to help you keep your vehicle in optimum operating performance.

  1. Inspect your vehicle on a regular basis
  2. Learn the meaning of different warning light indicators
  3. Check tire pressures (Wheels and Tires)
  4. Check tread depth (Wheels and Tires)
  5. Rotate tires and have the alignment checked (Wheels and Tires)
  6. Clean the brake dust off your wheels (Wheels and Tires)
  7. Check drive belts (Engine)
  8. Check oil levels (Engine)
  9. Check engine coolant level (Engine)
  10. Take note of fuel economy (Engine)
  11. Replace Engine air filter (Engine)
  12. Replace spark plugs (Engine)
  13. Stick to the octane rating recommended by car manufacturer (Fuel/Gas)
  14. Use superior detailing supplies (Bodywork/Paint)
  15. Know how to properly disconnected batteries (Electrical)
  16. Check the battery terminals and clean the contacts as needed (Electrical)
  17. Replace broken indicator bulbs (Lights)
  18. Don't tough the glass bulbs when replacing (Lights)
  19. Replace windshield wipers (Others)
  20. Replace cabin air filter (Others)

Source: CarBibles.com (By Dan Collins, 2018)

15 Most Reliable Car Brands of 2018

Swanson's Cars & Trucks 15 Most Reliable Car Brands of 2018
Content provided by BusinessInsider.com

J.D. Power's 2018 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study, which was released in February, measures the number of problems reported by consumers who have owned 2015 model-year vehicles for three years.

The study found that vehicle dependability increased 9% over the 2017 study, which was the first increase since 2013.

These are the 15 most reliable car brands:

  1. Lexus
  2. Porsche
  3. Buick
  4. Infiniti
  5. Kia
  6. Chevrolet/Hyundai (Tied)
  7. BMW/Toyota (Tied)
  8. Lincoln/Nissan (Tied)
  9. Honda
  10. Audi
  11. Mazda
  12. Mercedes-Benz
  13. Ford
  14. MINI
  15. GMC

"For the most part, automotive manufacturers continue to meet consumers' vehicle dependability expectations," J.D. Power vice president of global automotive Dave Sargent said in a press release. "A 9% improvement is extremely impressive, and vehicle dependability is, without question, at its best level ever."

Lexus topped the survey for the seventh consecutive year with a score of 99 reported problems per 100 vehicles, while the industry average was 142. Porsche, Buick, Infiniti, and Kia rounded out the top-five.

Source: BusinessInsider.com (Mark Matousek, August 17, 2018)
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